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Monthly Archive: April 2018

How to Overcome Acne Scars

During the teenage years and even beyond, individuals can sometimes suffer from serious acne. Unfortunately, some types of acne can leave behind serious scarring that makes a person feel embarrassed about their appearance. The pitting and craters left behind after severe acne has plagued a person can be difficult to deal with. With the ICON treatment, individuals can overcome their acne scars and have much smoother skin.

What Is the ICON System

The ICON system is a laser system that helps to remove the damaged areas of the skin. The ICON laser sends pulses of light into the skin to break up the components of the scars. As the scarring is broken up, new skin cell growth is encouraged.

This treatment system can also work on other scars on the face and body. Before a person undergoes the ICON system treatment, they need to know what to expect so they …

Three Ways DNA Testing From Pathway Genomics Can Help An Individual Live A Better Life

Despite advancements in medical technology, there are still many health issues that are hard to diagnose and treat. One of the best ways to combat the unknown is to conduct a DNA assessment, as it is a simple procedure that can provide a wide array of health information. Here is a quick look at just three of the many types of genetic testing available and how those tests can help anyone live a healthier life, free of pain and other preventable ailments.

Pain Medication Response

Pain medications are useful tools that can help a person overcome the discomfort associated with an array of medical issues, and are also used to treat pain-related to physical trauma. The problem is that not everyone responds to pain medications in the same way. DNA testing can provide insight into the way a person will react to a pain medication and can allow physicians to find …