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What Does Magnetic Resonance Imaging Do?

When people are sick or have illnesses going on that cannot be readily seen with the naked eye, doctors depend upon more sophisticated equipment, such as X-rays, CT scans and MRIs. Equipment such as these can enable physicians to see what is going on in various parts of the body, helping them to come to a more conclusive diagnosis about the patient. The most advanced of the three types of equipment is the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and is also the safest for the human body. Here are things that the MRI specifically does.

What to Know about the MRI

With an MRI, the doctors are able to rule out certain things that they may have thought was wrong with a patient, and help to narrow down what is actually going on. During the MRI, the patient will hear lots of loud noises, clanging and buzzing, but usually the patient is provided with an alternative, such as listening to soft music. The entire process can last up to around 45 minutes, with the patient being very still and secured throughout it. The MRI is less scary than it looks, unless one is claustrophobic.

More on the MRI

Certain people should not have the MRI, such as those who have pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pumps, ear implants or anything that is remotely metal. All jewelry, such as watches, bracelets and rings must be removed prior to the MRI also, so as to not have the objects demagnetized or cause injury to the person or damage to the machine. The safe thing about the MRI is that it does not use radiation as does the other imaging equipment, making it more preferred.

Where to Go to Get an MRI in Colorado Springs

Southwest Diagnostic Centers of Colorado Springs have been meeting the diagnostic imaging needs of patients for many years, offering the CT scans, the X-rays and the MRIs. The center has appointments available late evenings and on Saturdays as well, which makes it convenient for people with odd hours. If a person wants to learn more about the diagnostic center, he or she can visit the website at