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The Most Commonly Performed Restorative Dental Services

One of the most overlooked aspects of a person’s overall well-being is oral health, and a lack of regular care may lead to the formation of serious problems. A dentist makes it easy to stay on top of oral health problems by utilizing a variety of treatment options that are designed to reduce pain and discomfort and stave off serious health complications. Here is an overview of the most commonly performed restorative services, and how they keep a smile looking beautiful.

Dental Fillings

A cavity occurs when decay forms on the interior of a tooth and often leads to extreme sensitivity and pain, and in severe cases results in infection. A filling remedies this issue and brings relief to a patient within a few hours. A dentist will use a drilling tool to remove the buildup of decay and then fill the void with a resin material, which will allow the tooth to look natural and prevent the occurrence of discomfort.

Root Canals

If decay spreads to the root system or a filling is no longer a viable option due to the size of the decay, a dentist will utilize a root canal procedure to restore the tooth. The doctor will drill out the decay from the tooth and continue drilling into the root system so that the nerve system of the tooth is eliminated. The dentist will then cap the drilled area with a crown, which is usually made from gold, silver, or porcelain and cast from an impression of the existing tooth to provide a perfect fit.

Dental Bridges

Missing teeth not only make it complicated to eat and drink but cause a person to suffer from self-esteem problems. A bridge is used to fill in the space left by a missing tooth. A dentist will attach supports to nearby teeth and secure them to the surface, after which an artificial tooth, generally made from composite materials, is then attached to the supports.

The key to maintaining a healthy smile is regular dental checkups. Dr. Nicolas E. Daniel in Annapolis is a full-service general dentist that makes it easy to keep teeth in the best health possible. Call today to schedule an appointment and tackle oral health problems once and for all.