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Careers in Alternative Medicine.

Conventional medicine is not the only way to treat illnesses. For ages, people used herbs, spices and roots as treatments for illnesses. A career in alternative medicine does not make one a quack or less qualified. If you are looking for a career in alternative medicine, here are a few you should consider.

One can take up a career as a chiropractor. Chiropractors treat skeletal problems in the back, hips and neck using a procedure known as adjustment. Adjustments by chiropractors can be done using a machine or hands. The frequency of the chiropractic sessions can be several in a week or months depending on the condition to be treated. The Harshman Chiropractic page teaches more about manipulation of the spine and other joints. Many states will not require you to have a bachelor’s degree to begin your journey to be chiropractor. You will however need a Doctor of Chiropractic degree to get a license to practice. With a license, you are set to begin a career as a chiropractor.

Another category of practitioners in alternative medicine are dieticians and nutritionists. Dieticians need to be licensed to use the title of a dietician. Unlike dieticians, nutritionists do not require certification to practice. The duties of dieticians and nutritionists are similar. They help patients to improve their health by incorporating healthy foods in their diets. To be a dietician one requires a degree for certification. A degree is not required for one to be a nutritionist.

Massage therapy is another practice in alternative medicine. Massage is a kind of relaxation therapy that is used to treat aching muscles. Massage therapists need an associate degree and applicable certifications to start practicing. The greatest benefit of being a massage therapist is that you get the flexibility to work from anywhere.

One can also practice acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine. In acupuncture, small needles are used to puncture the skin. The reason for puncturing the skin is to unblock energy channels in the body to relieve a person of pain. To start a career in acupuncture, you will need a bachelor’s degree in a science related field. A master’s degree from an Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine accredited school will also be required.

One can also take up a career as a homeopath. Homeopaths use ‘The Law of Similars’ for treatment using herbs and other remedies. Herbs that would harm a healthy person are administered to a patient in homeopathy. Homeopaths believe that if a herb can harm a healthy person, it has the ability to heal a sick person.